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Contact/Social (a-z) Address
Email: [email protected]
Ello: @limn
Discord: limn#5771
HIVE: Ecency: @limn
HIVE: Hive.Blog: @limn
HIVE: PeakD: @limn
Instagram: @limndigital
Twitter: @limndigital
Blockchain Address
ENS: LimnDigital.eth
$ETH: 0x4BD255eDb981d90f7ca4A0C80b910A0ee184e08C
$HIVE: limn
$NEAR: limn.near
$XTZ (Tezos): tz1d2desuMHy4pDCbFT8zFkV3NLagxAKeQMW
$WAVES: 3P8V8XjVqjSyKgqYKzbWRBVMpj2Dq3Tw9mc

Platforms I actively Sell or Post on:

Active Platforms (a-z) Profile
Hic et Nunc: @limn
Lazy: @limn
Lensy: @limn
NFT Showroom: @limn
OpenSea: @limn
Paras: @limn
Showtime: @limn
This Is AITO: @limn

Platforms on which I have accounts but don't currently sell:

Platform (a-z) Profile
Air NFTs: @limn
ArtGrab: @limn
AsyncArt: @limn
BAE: @limn
Beta.Cent: @limn
Cargo: @limn
Crypto Art Net: @limn
Ephimera: @limndigital
Foundation: @limn
KnownOrigin: @limn
MakersPlace: @limn
Mintable: @limn
Nifty Gateway: @limn
Rarible: @limn
SuperRare: @limn
VIV3: @limn
Zora: @limn